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12.12.21 ongoing

Communities are defined in part by their reactions to the narratives their enemies have about them. In this series I wanted to gather quotes from those who think what we do has no value. These are often people who themselves are glorified rent-seekers who sit close to the money printers or operate them. I want to show those who attack us that even their attacks can have value here. I want us to reflect on their narratives.

These are quotes from people and institutions who are accustomed to respect and deference. Their every thought printed, analyzed and fawned over in the pages of the prestige media. I’ve reimagined the world where the dGens and crypto punks have won, where fiat-currencies holders are the minority; where it is they who must spray the walls with graffiti. I also want to make a record of who said what about us and when – receipts.

The project presents twelve quotes (total) from Warren Buffet (5), Andrew Bailey, Governor of the Bank of England (2), Central Bank of China (2), and Jamie Diamond (3). There is just one version of each quote displayed as if framed by a wall and 11 further versions of each shown on a concrete background.


Prophecies (gallery)

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