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Artist Statement

A voyage of dGen discovery

We know the current system with which we are all complicit is slowly disintegrating. All systems have a lifespan and the current one looks like it’s on the rocks. The crypto-ecosystem is a response to the contours of the breakdown; the degradation of privacy, the endless money printing, system-wide corruption, and self-dealing elites. If they can print money and magic value into being then, at a minimum, so can we.

We are all vagrants and hypocrites; we surf moral ambiguities looking for the angle that will show us in the best light. We are in this to break the system. We are in this to get rich. We are in this because we want to see what is next and if this is what’s next, we want to be in the door first because those guys always seem to get the best rooms.

I am drawn to the newness of the NFT art-space. With only minimal crossover to the established art world the new becomes possible again. dGens are drawn from every place urban to rural, from fifth generation bankers to those in failing states, advocates of economic theories old and new, and good old-fashioned crooks, speculators, dreamers, adventurers and ideologues. My struggle is to locate a community so sprawling and to help it explore and fashion an identity. It’s a task of interrogation and construction. It has to be done with you – my fellow dGens. There is power in aping, a power I want to explore, but I also think there is great creativity among the children of Satoshi.


I am a dGen ape and a conceptual artist for the NFT age. My work sits at the intersections of Art, Crypto, and Digital Identity (collective and individual). I have designed an arc of 12 projects to locate, explore and imagine the dGen/crypto punk/ape identity. The aesthetic is that of my childhood; late 80s/early 90s computer games.


A fellow child of Satoshi I am anonymous because I don’t want to be constrained by who I am IRL. We all contain multiple identities within us, the forces unleashed by the disintegrating system make the idea of a unified ‘self’ belong, like a relic, to history. I want to be free to explore without constraint in a way that is only made possible in digital playgrounds.

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